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May 11th

Swift Level Grass Finished Beef

ByTenley Shewmake | In Vendors

Tootie Jones, Everett O’Flaherty, Rece Nester
237 Herns Mill Road
Lewisburg WV 24901

Swift Level
304­ 661­ 6777

Family farming in Southern WV since 1843.

Swift Level practices thoughtful and knowledgeable animal husbandry and land management.  Swift Level is chemical, pesticide and herbicide-free, which means our animals are too!

Our steers grow naturally on managed pastures,  we never feed any grain.  Building healthy soils and growing abundant forages is our goal. To do so we move our cattle quietly from pasture to pasture as dictated by nature, moisture, forage growth and season.  The cattle are our soil builder, we do not fertilize with anything other than organic compost from the cattle. We believe that hills, movement and normal activity support healthy animals with bodies that are strong, organs that are clean and cattle that seem to be quite content.  Our carcass quality shows the end result met by a strong customer demand, great chefs/ restaurants, households, retail and the market place.

We guarantee that our steers are not stressed in any unnecessary manner.  We work very closely with the processing of each steer. Our beef dry hangs for a minimum of 40 days and is USDA inspected. Each steer is individually and carefully processed to our specifications and your ordering needs. Each steer is tracked from birth to the individual package of meat providing the entire history of the meat you are eating. “One Steer Per Package”.
We welcome visitors and encourage pasture walks and tours to help you better understand the importance and impact of this farming methodology. Carbon sequestration is a direct product of how we manage our cattle, and I am known to be passionate in how to better understand the economy of  supporting the non conventional ranches and farms in the country, to see the amazing cultural and economic role they play in supporting their communities and feeding you great, healthy foods.

We support: Slow Food, Eat Wild, Lewisburg Farm Markets, Monroe Farm Markets, WV Buy Fresh Buy Local, Local Harvest, Slow Money, Farm Forward, WV Food and Farm Coalition and Farm to School Programs.

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